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Welcome to MERU MOTORS

We are a dealer dedicated 100%  to the satisfaction of all our customers, in the purchase, sale and export of cars. Always governed by our corporate values, to be a first-world dealer, a Meru Motors dealer.

We are a young company and we have more than 15 years of experience, committed to give the best service and advice when buying, selling and exporting a car, praising our values and giving our customers an Excellent Service.

 — Oscar ,  Meru Motors’ President


  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Excellence


Meru Motors delivers a Satisfaction Guarantee that lasts 10 days, and a 30 day warranty on your cars.

If we do not have the car you want at the moment we help you locate it without problem.

With the I-94 and passport In force you can buy your car at the best rate on the market.

The Meru Motors service is unique in florida.


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