Why buy at the Auction?

Buying a car at a Car Auction can be a fun and exciting way to save a lot of money from a car to a truck, you can buy what you like at a price well below the normal market price.

As stated above You can buy from a small cart to a truck, it all depends on the laws of your country. Usually the cars are bought in the auction divided into three types or modalities of title, the first is Clean Title Vehicles or in English “Title clean”, the second is cars to repair or in English “Salvage” and third cars to destroy or In English “Destruction”. The three has a very important difference and is the price, normally clean titles are cars without major accidents, instead the salvages are cars that if you have to make some important improvements and there are others that are not so relevant depends on the shock varies In these cases there are vehicles in very good condition that for some reason do not comply with the demanding or sometimes exaggerated federal protocol of the United States and can not be reused in the country but if in other countries, this Modality is accepted in some countries, always ask first if your country is eligible before buying to be safe and do not have problems when entering the car to your country, it would be great if they accept it as it can save a lot of money with This type of cars.

Everything in the country where you are going to send the car is usually 5 years old but in some countries it is 8 years old, before deciding to buy check with us this important data in order not to make mistakes that Can cost a lot of money.

Since you give the authorization until you have your car is in an average of 30 working days, however this may vary depending on the country where the car is going. Our team is highly qualified and will keep you informed on a daily basis.

To begin the process of searching and selecting the car you must make a deposit in the company account of 50% of the value of the car you are going to buy and the remaining value once you are at the port of shipment, you must keep in mind that The import tax expenses are paid by the customer in his country of origin and in local currency. Port expenses are paid at the time of shipment together with the remaining 50% of the car. We also offer the service of selling new or used auto parts according to what you need for your car and depending on the country you can take advantage of shipping them.

If you need a better explanation on this topic, do not hesitate to contact us immediately so we can guide you and give you quality service.



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